WASH Survey & Health Promotion

MAR held a water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) needs assessment survey as well as educational programmes in multiple areas and camps in the Hiiraan region.

Access to WASH is a key public health issue. It is part of MAR’s long term prevention and control measures in decreasing the outbreak of Malaria.

This survey was conducted in multiple areas such as Feerfeer district, Hoodley Village, Buulo Xuubey village and also in the Doomey and Wadajir IDP camps.

MAR monitored and collected data in these areas in order to prepare plans and programs to improve water and enviromental sanitation issues. The aim of the campaign was to provide sanitation awareness and education. The campaign was successful in imparting different methods of controlling malaria whilst spreading awareness of the disease and how the community could protect itself.

We aim to continue spreading awareness of this deadly disease with your help!