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MAR has various ongoing projects to protect the vulnerable people against the menace of malaria.

We aim to protect as many as possible through various methods such as nets, water sanitation and clearing out areas of stagnant water that are mosquito breeding grounds. We supply general food distribution (GFD) to malaria weakened families and internally displaced peoples (IDPs) of war and drought.

We also aim to empower and improve the quality of life of the community through education and training.

Poor and unsuitable infrastructure allows mosquitoes easy access to homes.

Providing just anti mosquito sprays have proven ineffective. MAR provides a combination of long lasting insecticide treated bed nets and anti-malarial home spraying campaigns. The nets cover the whole bed and have proven to be effective against the mosquitoes.

MAR offers seminars and educates communities about the use of various methods to fight against malaria. This helps create more awareness about the disease and its signs and symptoms.

In addition MAR promotes water sanitation and health (WASH) and helps the community with their environmental health through workshops to prevent all infectious diseases and improve general health.


MAR has distributed free medication to those already affected by the disease in the regions that have high prevalence rates of malaria.

Giving hope to families that would otherwise have none and would not have been able to the afford treatment.