About Us

We are a nonprofit organization intent on bringing an end to malaria in sub-saharan Africa through both prevention and control measures.

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What We Do

Over the last year we have taken steps in providing relief to those affected by malaria but we still have miles to go in our journey to eradicate Malaria.

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You Can Help

To help us reach as many impoverished and needy people as possible, we need your continued support through volunteering and your generous donations.

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This is where you can find out more about the latest news, initiatives and what is happening on the ground in Malaria Action Reliefs fight against Malaria!

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Malaria Action Relief

Our organisation was founded in January 2016 to fight malaria and bring about prevention and control measures to the world’s most impoverished parts. In 2015 alone there were 214 million cases of malaria worldwide resulting in an estimated 438,000 malaria deaths. Sub-saharan Africa continues to carry a disproportionately high share of the global malaria burden but TOGETHER we can bring hope to them.


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In some developing countries, this is all it takes to save a family of four from malaria and significantly change their future
This covers the training of much needed teachers - spreading knowledge to fight malaria back!
With this money we can restore the health of families affected by malaria